5 Reasons to Stop looking for Perfection

There is a general tendency of looking for perfection in almost every area of our lives. But at the same time, we also know that it doesn’t exist in absolute terms. Despite this, we still want everything to be faultless.

Some people give justification that if you run after perfection, you will improve yourself. If you look and wish for perfect things, only then you will get something better than you’ve now. Do you agree with this reasoning?

Yes, it may be true but I don’t think it is a great practical idea that should be applied to your life. It actually creates more problems than benefits. And my personal experience indicates that it is not an intelligent choice either if you’re aiming for a happy life.

Unless you find a valid reason to do something or to stop doing something, you may not give any attention to it at all. The same is the case with the topic of this article.

So below I am giving you the reasons which actually changed my thinking and my overall attitude towards life.

These will show you why you should stop looking for perfection.

You Put Yourself into an Endless Race

Everyone wants to be the best and flawless. But if you have a desire unfulfilled, you get unhappy and dissatisfied. And perfection is a desire which isn’t going to get fulfilled in your whole life.

You will always have imperfections and flaws of some kind. You will always make mistakes in one area or the other. If you cannot accept this truth then you are putting yourself in an endless race.

Learn to be happy with your imperfect self. Focus on being better than you are right now instead of trying to be perfect.

Being Perfect is not a Prerequisite for Being Successful

A lot of people have the misconception that they have to be perfect first only then they can succeed at their goal. Because of this, they keep on waiting. They want to be the master of the talents or skills they need for their goal first. And as a matter of fact, most people never even start to follow their dreams because of this reason.

You have to understand that it is okay to make mistakes and fail. That’s how you learn and grow. The most basic prerequisites for success are a self belief, knowing what you want and the courage to start taking action. That’s it.

You don’t have to wait for being perfect first at anything. Just start and you will learn whatever is required on the way.

This is the story of every successful person in the past and the present. None of them is/was perfect. You may think of them to be impeccable now at what they do, but they were not so when they started. They also failed, learned from their mistakes and moved on. So never give yourself the excuse of not being perfect for not starting to act towards your dreams and goals.

Effects on Your Relationships

Looking for perfection in relationships is the root cause of all the problems and conflicts. Yet most people do it. You expect other people to be perfect. So it becomes difficult to develop understanding and accepting them as they are.

Both these factors, understanding and acceptance, are must for happy relationships. You can have a much better time with other people if you stop looking for perfection in them.

Another problem is with building new relationships. People often have a hard time in finding their soul mate because they are looking for a perfect person who doesn’t exist. Even if that person exists, you still won’t be able to develop a relationship with them because you won’t deserve them as you yourself aren’t perfect.

If you feel true love for each other and feel happy together, you won’t need any other condition for having a great relationship.

You Lose Opportunities

Many people miss very important opportunities of their lives because they keep waiting for the perfect conditions to start. If you are in business, you can understand very well understand what I mean.

People fear risk-taking so they want ideal circumstances, which seldom happens. But you have to take risks if you want to make use of the opportunities and succeed, not only in career but in other areas too. Conditions will never be flawless but they are best now if you really want to do something.

You Lose Happiness

Looking for perfection always affects your happiness directly. Some people screw their happy moments of the present just because they believe to be happy in future when their life will be perfect and there won’t be the problems they face now.

But unfortunately, that future never comes. You don’t know what type of new problems and conditions will arise in future. Neither everything will happen your ways.

Definitely, you will have achieved the goals you have set now, but you won’t settle at that point and set new higher goals. So you will be in the same situation as you are now expecting the happiness in future. Learn to stay happy with the present and all that you have now while building your future.

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